Buy nifty science stuff, books about fluoride, and make a double contribution to the mission of science learning.

Your purchase supports Fluoride Exposed.  Plus, you get scientific books to learn more about fluoride, fluoridation, oral health, water quality, and sciences such as chemistry, dentistry, and public health.

Or get fun science tshirts, magnets, mugs, and other gear that promotes science and scientific concepts.  Publicize science while you are out and about in the real world 🙂

  • Splash of blue over a woman's smile

    Fluoride Wars: How a Modest Public Health Measure Became America’s Longest Running Political Melodrama

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  • Science tshirt 10 Great Public Health Achievements

    Public Health Achievements – Science Tshirt

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  • Book cover shows images, abbreviations, and atomic number for over a dozen example elements against a black background

    Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe

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  • WPA poster, Keep Your Teeth Clean, featured in sticker

    Vintage science art – Keep Your Teeth Clean – stickers

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  • Vintage science art magnet – fluoride crystal

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