CDC's Ten Great Public Health Achievements in the 20th Century

An interactive exploration of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention's famous list

From the year 1900 to 1999, our nation pulled off 10 big accomplishments in healthy living. The end result of those 10 wins for health?  Americans live 25 years longer.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... a.k.a. CDC ... a.k.a. the 9000+ scientists our nation hires to protect our health and prevent disease in America ... CDC called these accomplishments the Ten Great Public Health Achievements in the 20th Century. We call them modern miracles.  These modern life-saving miracles include... Seat belts.  And refrigerators.  Vaccines and hand-washing.  Indoor plumbing and toilets.  The pill.  And ...

Cavity-fighting fluoride.

We are working on a bunch of features on CDC's famous list for you. Why? Because if you have questions about the science behind fluoride, you have questions about the science of public health. And America's ten great public health achievements are an amazing way to get the scoop. What do we have ready for you to explore? An interactive infographic and a We science feature. What is still in the works? A full multi-chapter e-book and features on current CDC science. More below!

Interactive infographic:

Fluoridation - one of 10 ways we beat disease in the 20th century

Do you like interactive internet stuff and wisecracks? Then this feature is for you...
       Get an overview of fluoride and our nation's other top triumphs in public health by clicking through a slideshow of infographics about the Modern Miracles (a.k.a., Ten Great Public Health Achievements). Plus, science trivia and jokes about history :)
       This feature also links to our We science feature on Modern Miracles' essential background info - what public health is, who CDC is, and where they published the ten great public health achievements, so you can also brush up on the basics of public health, the science that added 25 years to your life expectancy.

Online e-book:

The little known history of fluoride

History? Yep, that's right. To really understand the science of fluoride, you've got to take an in-depth look at the history of fluoride. This picture-heavy feature is a full multi-chapter behind- the-scenes tour of fluoride as one of the Ten Great Public Health Achievements. Get the full story of this 20th-century achievement in science and health.

Coming soon...

Guide to current CDC info:

Truth about fluoride from America's wellness experts

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention named fluoridation as a 20th century triumph over tooth decay in 1999, but what does CDC say about the science today? As the world's leading science agency in public health, CDC has a wealth of facts, figures, and info on fluoride on their website. It is their job to figure out the truth about fluoride. But CDC's website is not the easiest to navigate if you aren't a public health professional. So we're putting together a review and guide to help you find what you need to know from CDC.

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