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Fluoride Exposed is a non-profit project. To fund all that goes into making Fluoride Exposed, we rely on grants, mission-related sales, and donations from readers like you. Grant funders, science-loving shoppers, and individual donors keep things going around here. Your support provides "a room of one's own" for our writing and designing. You keep the hosting paid, the bits flowing, and the code marked up - and we soooo appreciate it. We could not do these snappy fun digital features that bring all the science without you. Everything we do here depends on support from folks like you.

We also appreciate that because we are a site seeking to flip fluoride conspiracy thinking for science learning, people may have more questions about our funding than is typical for most science learning non-profits. Well, we are happy to have those extra questions because we are super proud and excited to talk about our amazing supporters.

1. Readers like you donate to shine a light on science and fluoride

We are so grateful to be supported by donations from readers and science supporters like yourself. Individual financial contributions power what we do here and give us freedom to roam whatever halls of science we all want to roam.

Donations from readers help us focus on bringing the best science, doing the explorations into fluoride you most need and want, and making those explorations fun – without the kind of academic stuffiness and snoozefests characteristic of too many formal science classes and too many science sites run by scientific institutions.

When readers like you donate, you give science a fighting chance in the modern age of the internet. Generous individual donors help us shine a light on science and fluoride in a way that no other backers can – your donation helps us shine the light where real readers with real questions about science and fluoride want to explore.

2. Our major grant funder is the Arcora Foundation

Effie and Kylie* had this hair-brained idea** to start a new non-profit focused on learning science through the lens of fluoride. We went to the Arcora Foundation, back when they were still named the Washington Dental Service Foundation, and pretty much straight up just asked them to give us money. And whoa! They said yes!

We are thrilled and appreciative to have gotten this non-profit project up and running with a startup grant from them. We pitched the concept of exploring science through fluoride and fluoridation and asked that they fund our first concept: the Modern Miracles feature with an interactive graphic of CDC's Ten Great Public Health Achievements, an in-depth feature on fluoride as one of the public health achievements, and a page exploring CDC's current science info on fluoride.

They took a risk on a new outside-the-box vision to put science communication, rather than fluoride communication, first. Many thanks to Arcora for backing our launch and continuing to support the mission of science learning.

*A.k.a. the science moms behind Fluoride Exposed.

**We've been told that we've spelled this wrong, and it is supposed to be hare-brained. But clearly, Einstein proved not only that E = mc2 but also that a wild idea in science that just might work is hair-brained.

Albert Einstein giving a lecture at AAAS
Albert Einstein at a 1934 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Credit: Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph/Dwight Vincent & David Topper

We want you to understand who it is we get our grants from.

So we've put together two sidebars.

One is a general look at who our grant funder is and what they do in science.

The other is about their fluoridation advocacy vs. our focus on science.

about our grant funder

and their role in science research & education

The Arcora Foundation is a non-profit founded and funded by Delta Dental of Washington. They have some serious science cred, and they do a ton of stuff to promote healthy teeth and mouths.

read more

our grant funder
advocates for fluoridation
but at fluoride exposed, we don't
we look at the science

How in the F does that work?

read more

3. You can support us and get directly involved in the mission of Fluoride Exposed by shopping our science store

With a purchase of cool public health and science gear from our science store, our backers can not only support us financially – you can spread the facts and power of science.

There are at least two ways our shopping supporters get directly involved in the mission to promote science learning.

First, items from our science store can give science the kind of cachet and publicity that big brands enjoy – our shopping supporters can share a love of science with others by getting one of our science posters, science tshirts, fluoride mugs, periodic table magnets, or other fun stuff. Ultimate dream goal: make all kinds of scientific concepts more famous than Nike, Starbucks, and Taylor Swift!! (OK, unlikely, but a couple science moms can dream, and we can all help science reach for the stars, dontcha think?)

Now you can promote science and support Fluoride Exposed wherever you go

With fun gear from our science store:
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And books to deepen your knowledge
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Second, we have lots of books in our science shop that go deeper into the science than we could ever go online. (Well, right now we have two books in there, but stay tuned, we're gonna add more)

Each time one of our readers buys a book, it not only provides revenue to running the non-profit – it also means a reader is learning more science. Each time you buy a T-shirt of the Ten Great Public Health Achievements, not only do we get money in the bank to keep the lights on – it also means a run-down of the basic science of public health is walking around out in the real world. Each time one of you buys a mug of the Fluoride Exposed logo, Fluoride Exposed gets a few bucks – and you, your friends, family, and co-workers get exposed to the great science of chemistry, just by enjoying a tasty beverage.

We are particularly excited when you support us by making a purchase because it is a double impact for science learning – it supports this virtual space for science learning, and it takes science learning out into the real spaces of your homes, your workplaces, and your communities.

So that's a run-down of our supporters. If you'd like to become a science supporter, we need you! You can head over to our Donate page or our Shop for Science page. But if you need more info first or want to help in other ways, keep on clicking through to ...