what we're doing here and why

Before we say anything more about how we're doing things here, we must talk about this Carl Sagan quote and why it's at the top of our mission statement. Before we get to things like our funding, and governance, and how you can help in the mission to explore interesting science, we're first going to tell you a lot about what motivates us and what we're doing here. We want to talk about our beliefs and values at the outset. (If you'd like to skip to that other stuff instead, go for it – links to nitty gritty logistics are in the menu above.)

Another Sagan quote: "A proclivity for science is embedded deeply within us, in all times, places, and cultures."
Carl Sagan with a model of NASA Viking Lander in desert Death Valley
A little reminder about who we're quoting: Carl Sagan – famous astronomer, host of 1980s television series "Cosmos," and author of books such as Candle in the Dark. Here, he poses with a model of NASA’s Viking lander in Death Valley, California, in the 1970s. The real Viking lander touched down on Mars' surface on July 20, 1976.

Now, about that quote ...

We share Sagan's belief that science is for all of us.
That human beings are a scientific species.
With scientific talents in our DNA.

Making science come naturally to people ...all people.

Science is for everyone.

Science is for you.

Science is your birthright.

That belief drives everything we do here at Fluoride Exposed.

Our steadfast purpose is to help you claim your birthright to the halls of science.

We are here to help you open all the doors of those vast halls ... the whole giant lot of them. We're ready to show you around the limitless maze of the most colossal, amazing building any of us has ever seen.

Science is yours … whoever you are.

If you're a science nerd ...

If you're a science fan ...

... you already know science is yours.

But if you were always bored in science classes ...
If you've dabbled in science but never applied yourself ...
If you downright hate science ...

... science is yours, too.

If you're leery of fluoride ...
If you're a big fluoridation supporter ...
If you’re just a little curious and confused about fluoride …
If you're absolutely out-and-out unqualified categorically opposed to fluoridation and sure it is the biggest conspiracy ever ...

... science is yours ... no matter your opinion or lack thereof on fluoride.

If you're liberal ... If you're conservative ... science is yours.
If you're a mom ... a dad … a grandparent … science is yours.
If you're young ... If you're old ... science is yours.
No matter your race ... no matter your sexual orientation ... no matter your gender ... no matter if you're rich or poor, religious, atheist, idealistic or cynical, introvert or extrovert, logical, creative, nonconformist or conventional suburbanite, impulsive or practical, patient or adventurous, brave or shy, humble or outspoken ....

Whoever you are ...

The halls of science belong to you.

If you want to join us in touring the treasure trove of knowledge in those halls – your halls – we're going in by way of the door of the 9th element on the periodic table. We're going in through the door of fluoride. Come with us!

The door is open. We invite you in and are thrilled at the chance to show you around the place.

If you are not a professional scientist ... if you're a member of the "public" in that all important topic of "public understanding of science" ... we're so excited you're here. There's so much we have to share with you, and we are excited to learn from you, too.

And if you are a scientist in one field looking to understand more about other fields, we're exited you're here, too. We invite you into those other halls of science, and we'll show you in through a fluoride door.

Where are some of the places we want to take you?

Well, a little more practically, we aren't yet competent enough tour guides to offer science tours in languages other than English. Science belongs to non-English speakers, absolutely, but we need some work on our language skills over here before Fluoride Exposed can be a truly inviting way into the halls to non-English speakers. Anyone want to help us out with translations or content development in other languages? Email us at hello@fluorideexposed.org!

Also, for the time being, we're pretty focussed on the United States for our explorations. But stay tuned, there are topics from around the world that we will explore with you in the future!

How about the halls of ...

We are going to go anywhere and anyplace you want to go. We'll explore all kinds of scientific facts, methods, and disciplines. What we are about fundamentally is using the ninth element's ion to get there.

Why are we doing all this?

Well, we've got a lot of reasons. All sorts of things motivate our belief in you and your scientific talent. And we've got some particular and nuanced reasons we're using fluoride as a vehicle for cultivating greater understanding of science. So we've written up a few other articles on our values and motivations besides this main page on what we're doing and why. You can read more of the why behind thissite in these articles:

Or you could ...

Read on for how all this works