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Fluoride is one of the basic building blocks in the universe.

And that makes fluoride the perfect vehicle for doing something we love to do...

Explore all kinds of science topics.

We explore fluoride topics on the topics page. But sometimes those fluoride topics lead us to more general scientific concepts. And we aren't going to be able to resist delving into fundamental topics from different disciplines. They're totally irresistible.

We think you'll find these general scientific concepts pretty awesome, too. And useful. And helpful. Helpful to understanding fluoride. And helpful to understanding science.

So as Fluoride Exposed develops we'll be sprinkling links to them all over the place. But we'll also put them here ... so they're all in one place ... for anytime you are feeling the hearts for science.

We love science.

We love ...

Public Health

Have you seen Fluoride Exposed's Modern Miracles feature? The one with the funny and interactive infographics? The one that lets you explore CDC's Ten Great Public Health Achievements list? It's called Fluoridation: one of 10 ways we beat disease in the 20th century and it's rad. You should check it out. But ...

We also put together another little page for you, covering some essential background info about CDC's Ten Great Public Health Achievements - like ... what the heck is public health, really? Who is CDC and why should you care about what they say? Where is the original of the CDC list? And guess what you get when you read up on these basics of the Modern Miracles ... you also get essential basics of the science of public health, a science we love:

What is public health?

Stay tuned...
  We plan to explore these science topics:
  • Public health
  • General Science
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • and more!