who we are

Hello! My name is Effie.
Effie Greathouse at Mulnomah Falls, Oregon
And my name is Kylie.
Kylie Menagh-Johnson in Colorado forest
The science moms behind Fluoride Exposed

We are both moms. We are both wives.

We are both sisters and daughters.

And we are friends :)

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Map showing Portland, Oregon in the U.S.
We are from Portland, Oregon.
Hawthorne Bridge over the Willamette River in Portland Oregon

Portland's Hawthorne Bridge across the Willamette River.

International Test Rose Garden in Portland Oregon

Portland's International Rose Test Garden. Credit: Kelvin Kay

White Stag sign in Portland Oregon on Burnside Boulevard

White Stag sign.
Credit: Paul Nelson

Blossoming cherry trees in Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland Oregon

Portland's Tom McCall Waterfront Park. Credit: Cyclotram

We are also both professionals in our fields. And we run this place.

We are...

an environmental scientist

Effie A. Greathouse

Ph.D., Institute of Ecology
University of Georgia
B.S. with Highest Honors
Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology
University of California, Davis

Selected publications

Greathouse, E.A., J.E. Compton, J. Van Sickle. 2014. Linking landscape characteristics and high stream nitrogen in the Oregon Coast Range: red alder complicates use of nutrient criteria. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 50: 1383.

Greathouse, E.A., C.M. Pringle, J.G. Holmquist. 2006. Conservation and management of migratory fauna in tropical streams. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 16: 697.

Greathouse, E.A., C.M. Pringle, W.H. McDowell, J.G. Holmquist. 2006. Indirect effects of dams: upstream consequences of migratory fauna extirpation in Puerto Rico. Ecological Applications 16: 339.

a public health educator.

Kylie Menagh-Johnson

M.P.H., Portland State University
B. A. Magna Cum Laude
Psychology, The Colorado College

Health promotion experience

Employee Wellness Program Manager
Multnomah County, Oregon 2015-2017

Gun Safety Regional Manager
Moms Demand Action 2013-2014

Worksite Wellness Policy Consultant
Washington County, Oregon 2012-2013

Community Programs Liaison:healthy eating, tobacco prevention, chronic disease management Oregon Health Authority 2007-2011

Tobacco Prevention Program Coordinator
Multnomah County Health Department 2001-2007

Selected awards

Partner of the Year, American Lung Association, 2004
Joe Weller Guardian Award, Tobacco-Free Coalition of Oregon, 2007

We have teamed up here at FluorideExposed.org to pursue something we believe in wholeheartedly.

Now, we both have a lot of things we believe in with a burning passion.

  • Clean air.
  • Clean water.
  • Green living.
  • Environmental justice.
  • Social justice.
  • Healthcare for all.

The moral rightness of fluoridation ... these are just a few things we believe in.

If you wanted to call us a couple of bleeding heart liberals - well, you've got our number.

If you also wanted to call us a couple of pro-fluoridationists, we can't deny it. We both proudly support community water fluoridation. And we have each advocated for fluoridation in our beloved city of Portland - for example, here and here.

A picture by Effie Greathouse of the Veguitas Forest in Portland Oregon
A picture of Effie Greathouse field site in the Sonadora River in Puerto Rico
Kylie Menagh-Johnson's garden with red and white flowers
Kale Salad and ingredients from Kylie Menagh-Johnson's recipe
Upper photos: Field sites from Effie's Ph.D. research on stream ecosystems in Puerto Rico. Lower: Flowers in Kylie's garden and one of Kylie's vegan recipes (Massaged Kale Salad: 1 tspn each of soy sauce, rice vinegar, agave, sesame oil, 1/2 tspn flax oil, garlic, sprinkle of sesame seeds).

But after doing all that advocacy, we quieted down about fluoride. We started listening more. We heard and read lots of things from people who agreed and disagreed with us. And we started to get excited about what we heard, even when people disagreed with us ... because what we heard was people talking about science.

All kinds of people in Portland - whether they were for, against, or on the fence about fluoridation - they were all talking about science subjects we love.

What was especially exciting was ... people were talking about our particular areas of professional expertise.

  • Portlanders were talking about water.
  • Portlanders were talking about public health.

And all that talk changed our thinking.

We came to think of fluoride and fluoridation as the perfect vehicle to use in exploring not only our most favorite scientific topics from our professions* – but all kinds of other scientific topics, too. This is something we delve into at length in a few of our articles laying out our philosophies for Fluoride Exposed ... such as What we're doing here and why: At Fluoride Exposed, we put Carl Sagan's belief that science is for everyone into practice and How Fluoride Exposed is flipping fluoride conspiracy thinking for science learning.

But the upshot is ...

At Fluoride Exposed ...

  • we are pursuing our heartfelt belief in
    • the power of everyone learning more science –
      • you, us, your mom, your brother, that guy down the street –
        • everyone
  • we are pursuing our heartfelt belief in
    • making science more transparent
  • we are pursuing our heartfelt belief in
    • your abilities to read and learn science with us
  • we are pursuing our heartfelt belief in
    • objectively looking at scientific evidence
      • – all kinds of scientific evidence –
        • and empowering others to do the same

Our goal here is not to ask you to support fluoridation like we do. Our goal is for everyone to learn more about science, regardless of your values-based beliefs about fluoridation.

And so at Fluoride Exposed, we take off our advocates' hats, and we put on our science hats.

wearing her science hat!
Effie Greathouse doing field work taking notes in a Puerto Rico mountain stream
Effie taking field notes during her Ph.D research investigating effects of dams on freshwater shrimp and stream ecosystems in Puerto Rico.
Kylie wearing her
advocate's hat! (She's
taking that off here)
Kylie serving as spokeperson for an event put on by the Oregon Alliance to Prevent Gun Violence called Art=Ammo.

Now, putting on our science hats doesn't suddenly make us goddesses of pure and absolute objectivity.

If you take off one hat and put on another, it's not like you don't still own the first hat. You can still see it hanging over there on the hat rack. You can still think about when might be a good time to get it out of the drawer, dust it off, and put it back on. So we don't pretend that our support for fluoridation isn't part of who we are.

But we are making a commitment to you that, at Fluoride Exposed, we'll strive for as much objectivity as we possibly can. We will be honest and reliable in our examination of the science.

In other words, we're not going to tell you how to vote here. We're not going to promote any political campaigns to start fluoridation anywhere, nor are we going to promote any efforts to stop fluoridation rollbacks.

No, we're going to reach out our hand and ask you to join us as we wade deep into the *science*. Because we want anyone and everyone to be able to explore all kinds of scientific facts, evidence, methods, history, and results with us. We want you – whoever you are – to delight in the fascinating array of fields that we can learn about through the lens of fluoride.

So that's us in a few words. We are Fluoride Exposed's fearless leaders. One Ph.D. ecologist and one MPH public health educator, taking the lead on a new approach to transparency in fluoride and water science.