Explore the history of water fluoridation, fluoride toothpaste,
fluoride controversy and chemistry ...

Wait a second? What the heck are we doing? Isn't this site supposed to be about the science of fluoride?

Greene Vardiman Black, early 20th-century dentist and scientist important in fluoride history, working in his lab
Above: Green Vardiman Black - the grand old man of dentistry - at work studying teeth in his lab in 1900. G. V. Black was one of many early researchers from the history of fluoride. Below: Wellbee - CDC's public health mascot from the 1960s, and 1980s clip art from an American Dental Association poster on dental health.

What's up with us claiming history is a science topic?

Well, although you signed up for science here, we've got to explore history in order to get the science. In our quest for science learning, the history of fluoride is a story of science.

From the discovery of fluoride as an element ... to the recognition of its potential to cause harm when there is too much fluoride (whether from natural sources or from pollution) ... to the breakthrough of harnessing fluoride to prevent cavities and strengthen teeth. The history of fluoride is the history of all kinds of sciences. From chemistry to dentistry. From water treatment to fluoride treatment. From public health to environmental science.

What's more ... in science, you want to look at not only advancing the future. You want to know and build on what we've learned already, too. Scientists love to ask where are we going, but also, where have we been?

So let's take a trip ... a trip back in time ...

History shows up here and there all over the place at Fluoride Exposed, but the trip that is most focused on fluoride history is our e-book on The Little Known History of Fluoride.

Here's a complete list of all our articles that have a major focus on science history:

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Stay tuned for additional features in the future...

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