What every mom ought to know about fluoride

10 essential fluoride facts for your family

Are your kids getting too much fluoride?  Not enough?  Do you need fluoride, too?

How do you get the benefits of fluoride for your family's oral health while also avoiding fluoride dangers?

A mom kisses her baby on the head

If you're a mom, you've probably got questions about fluoride.  You've probably got questions about kids and cavities.  And you've probably also got a million other things on your plate.

A mom kisses her baby on the head

We know how it is - because we're moms, too.  We are Effie & Kylie, the science moms who run things here at Fluoride Exposed.

We're moms, but we're also scientists.  Effie is a freshwater biologist with a Ph.D. in ecology, and Kylie is a wellness expert with a Master's in public health.

So we're totally ready to break it down for you!

We've got you covered with essentials from the top health experts in the U.S. ... plus ... for each of these 10 indespensible fluoride facts, we've got an in-depth article ... so you can go deeper into each of the fundamentals you have more questions about.  Not only that, we've curated links to further reading on fluoride and fluoridation basics, so you can do more of your own research if you need it.

So let's dive right in to the 10 most fundamental facts about fluoride you need to keep track of, for your family.

Nigel telling Marty how these go to eleven

Oh wait, did we say 10 facts?

Let's take it up to eleven ...

Nigel telling Marty how these go to eleven

11. You can look into all kinds of fluoride facts and science for yourself.

You don't have to take our word on what the facts about fluoride are.  You can "do your own research" on what the science says and see for yourself!

If you need to look into something we haven't covered in enough detail in one of the in-depth articles above, there's a wealth of scientific research, syntheses, and reviews on fluoride from science agencies, science organizations, and the primary research literature. 

However, real fluoride science that goes into the detail you need on that one nagging question you have ... that real in-depth science can be hard to find online because, on the one hand, it is often not easily found on the loads of oral health sites that try to simplify things and don't go into the nitty gritty ... or it is buried beneath pseudoscience spreading confusing misinformation, on the other hand.

But never fear, we can help you, mama!

We can get you started on your quest, with an annotated list of some of the best science-based fluoride resources.  Sign up for our newsletter and you'll get a copy of our Guide to Fluoride Science Resources which will walk you through where to find the best science on fluoride online for free.